Traits Of a Good Fashion Designer

It's easy to watch a fashion show and expresses your opinion about models that are seen on the catwalk. Yet, how many of us are actually aware how much efforts are involved in every piece of clothing?  

Being a fashion designer and creating clothes for themselves and for others is a beautiful and creative work, but also very demanding. Do you dream about a fashion designer career?  Do you think that the design of clothing could be one of your hobbies? I’ve assembled traits that you need to be in good shape as a fashion designer:

1.    Creativity is the key feature of every fashion designer. It moves you forward and forces you on the creation of new fashion trends. You will hardly be a successful designer, if you only follow the fashion and enjoy buying and combining accessories. You need to start, roll up your sleeves and make your ideas and imagination into a concrete piece of clothes.

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How Virtual Identity Inspire Your Real Self

Today it is quite normal to have some kind of virtual identity, whether you are creating a character in some  game, or you present yourselves on social networks. The way we present ourselves in the real world and the virtual world may be different. However, we mainly projected our  virtual personality based on some part of ourselves. The virtual identity may reflect what we carry in ourselves. We can create what we want to be - our "possible personality".

In reality, it is often difficult to achieve the goals due to social, political, economic, and personal limitations or fears. When you create an identity and when obstacles are not real, it is easier to achieve your "possible personality". The virtual identity can inspire you to try things that in real life you would not try, because of the limitations which exist, or one that you have imposed on yourself. 

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Venturing into dress designing

I was invited by one of my clients to a golf competition she was taking part in. I had designed quite a number of her dresses. Over time, we became good friends and she had been trying to get me to play golf, which I had avoided until now. But she persuaded me to at least attend the competition as a spectator and see her golf prowess.

Since it was my first ever live golf show, I was excited and thrilled to be there. I found that it is certainly a casual and friendly game though she said that the rule have been changed now and made more practical and friendlier. For instance, she said that it is allowed to play the game in sneakers and show your enthusiasm with fist pumps and high fives. And I could see kids in the spectator side, which made the game livelier.

She said that there were new advanced tools like the range finder, see nice place for more info, which helped to play the game better. And you were allowed to play your favorite music while playing. Golf has really changed for sure. I told my client so. She had been badgering me for some time to help her design her own dresses as she was going abroad and couldn’t come to me as she did now.  I gave her some tips on the ways to design great dresses.

Fashion designing as well as dressmaking need great creative skills. You need to have good understanding of the field and acquire some skills both by practice and by theoretical means. Here are some tips you’d find useful in your dress designing

  • Understanding the latest trends, colors and clothing ranges is the first priority
  • Learn on how the patterns can be used to create maximum impact. Use the flat, commercial and tracing patterns and the pattern block and choose their right sizes. You also need to have knowledge on pattern alteration
  • The different type of synthetic and natural fibers available should be known to you. This will have great influence on the patterns and designs you create
  • You need to be familiar with the equipment and tools needed for dressmaking including the tape measure, scissors, needles both hand and machine, stitch ripper, sewing machine, ironing board, flat surface for cutting and over locker.
  • You also need to know how zippers are inserted, and the placement for waistbands, buttonholes, stretch sewing, stitching seam models and other such details for getting the design right
  • The design collection should be replete with your skills in design and drawing. Further, you need to have a good eye for the themes and colors.
  • The colors, themes and patterns should be in line with the lifestyle of your client. Knowing about the hairstyle, body shape, make -up and planning on a wardrobe will help in putting together an impressive collection
  • If you are deciding on venturing into a business in design, you need to have a system, research on the customers and the fundamental business format and different types of operation.

Dress designing tips

While designing clothes needs artistic skills it is also a skill, which can be learned to perfection. There is a big difference between designing and drawing clothes, and this difference can be a big deciding factor on the career path you choose. While drawing clothes is just putting your ideas into drawing, designing clothes is more comprehensive and conveys a particular lifestyle. It involves creating colors and silhouettes into new fabrics, which complete the lifestyle perfectly. Designing not only needs talent but you also need to follow some rules, if you want to get a well-designed and researched collection.

Research is vital

The most significant part in a design process is researching as much as you can about your customer. You need to have images of the life of your customer. Know what she does daily, during the weekend and at her workplace and the money she earns. Also find out about her preferences in clothes and the type of dress she wears. When you know as much as you can about your customer, you will be able to create a design that she will certainly buy. When you create the designs, make sure to include the images and the research, so you can give a comprehensive presentation.

Color palette should match

Pick out a color palette that is consistent with the interests of your customer. The pictures you have created along with other inspirational ideas you have regarding the design should be displayed clearly on a board. For instance, if you are inspired by seaside beauty, you need to include beaches, foliate, cuisine of a seaside place and add in the pictures you have of the customer. The color palette needs to be consistent with the shopping habits of your customer. The colors should blend well and contain a harmonious fusion of base, neutral and accent colors.

Realistic clothes

When you design, make sure it is realistic and can be worn actually by the customer. Design lengths and dimensions that suit your customer aptly. The sewing method also makes a great deal of difference to the design. I usually use my serger for the exclusive design, which I do myself to get the authentic and actual appearance I had designed. The trim, buttons and other details need to be perfect and inspired to get the beautiful look you had aimed at. And remember that the price needs to be factored in while you design the details. The more intricate the details you add, the more expensive the dress from the design will be.

Diversified presentation

Having different silhouettes is necessary, while you present the design. The lifestyle of the customer dictates the type of clothing and style she needs. Having a mix of stripes, plaids, prints and solids is necessary to maintain the balance and give a diversified choice for the customer to choose from. The fabrics should be chosen likewise. Include leather, chiffon and other fabric varieties and design in such a way that they complement each other.


Designing is as you can see not a simple case of drawing an idea that had come to your mind. There are so many aspects to be taken care of, before you get down to the actual design creation.

Longboard tricks that impress

My experience with longboarding started during my high school days, when the boys used to make fun of us for not taking up the sport. I used to secretly practice longboarding at home, so I could surprise them with my skill. Soon I got caught up with the sport and now it has become part of my fun activity. Though I don’t get the time to longboard with my busy schedule, I do use it now and then. Recently when I had visited one of my friends’ home, I learnt some new tricks. She lives in a hilly region and we had an exhilarating time bombing the hills.

I learnt that even if you don’t have a nicely paved hill, it is possible to get an exciting experience on the board, when you learn some of the new tricks. And my friend insisted that you need to have a good longboard to get the best out of the tricks you learn.

Longboard tricks have for a long time evolved from the skateboard grabs, flips and other maneuvers. But the new tricks I learnt are entirely of a new culture and style and have been tweaked to perfection making the ride a beautiful and exciting one.

The increase in size of the longboard along with the weight makes it possible for the rider to use innovative ways of garnering the friction, gravity and will power in creating some adrenaline-charged longboard tricks.

And these tricks are possible to do only when you are completely dedicated to the sport. My friend for instance, has a nice longboard, which he found at this website, and she used it for some awesome tricks. You need practice as well as a creative spirit to excel in these tricks. And the best way to boost the downhill skill is to learn longboard dancing or ballet as it is often called. This is derived from the surfing movements and needs great coordination and balance.

Walking on the plank is a trick where you literally walk the length of the board as it glides on the pavement. You need to bend your knees, keep your arms balanced and alter your posture so all your muscles are focused and ready for the tricks. First try the one foot variation called as chopping the wood or use the cross stepping move done in surfing. When you have mastered this technique, you can try out placing feet parallel over the nose.



Another trick I learnt is lifting the tail or nose from the ground and using just two wheels to slide. Get into a comfortable posture and keep your arms spread out eagle fashion, so you are well balanced. This trick varies with the type of board you use. When you are able to do this trick called manual for a few feet, you can then try the G-turn in the manual position. This can further be modified, if you want to truly impress your neighbors with your longboard skills. You can walk your board in 180 degree without moving until you perform a slow roll on them and then do the big spin, which is difficult but you feel great when you have achieved it.

Getting in shape in 7 days

I had been working round the clock for the past few weeks to get ready for a fashion show, when one of the models participating in the show asked for my help. She had been attending parties nonstop for some time and it had resulted in her putting on more weight than necessary. Now she couldn’t fit into the clothes she was supposed to wear for the show. She was frantic and wanted some effective way to get rid of her excess weight before the show. I find many people eat uncontrollably only to be sorry for it later on when it is not possible to reverse the weight gain. But I assured her that she could make it to the show without much trouble, if she followed some of the tips I gave her. These tips help not only in short term weight loss, but also keep your weight in control always.

A boot camp regimen does great things for your weight. It reduces weight, keeps you physical fit, and free of serious illnesses and boosts immunity. If you are looking to shed calories in a few days’ time or for some special occasion or just want to keep down your weight this regimen helps you immensely. This boot camp regiment gears you up for meeting the physical and mental challenges of even greater weight loss goals in future. And when you face the challenge of losing weight in a short term and succeed in it, you will be motivated to further keep fit and healthy.

Tackle your daily diet. Throw out all the unhealthy and nutrient lacking foods from your kitchen and fridge. Use lean meats, whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits. For the next, few days make sure your snacks and meals contain no processed foods and only foods that are high in nutrients and fiber. Divide your meals into portion and restrict the calories you take in.  Use a nutritional calculator to find the calories you need.

Aerobics is a great way to keep you losing weight effectively. Perform aerobic exercises for 30 minutes. I use my power rack, which I found at for a daily dose to keep me fit. You should increase the duration to another fifteen minutes after you get used to the 30-minute exercise schedule. Keep increasing each day. Put on music, while you exercise, to reduce the fatigue.

Drink sufficient amount of water to keep you hydrated and to flush out the toxins in your body. Further, when you are hydrated you will eat less too. Dehydration can lead to muscle weakness and fatigue so you need to keep on replenishing fluids you lose while exercising.

Weight resistance training should be added to your aerobic routine. Do weight resistance workouts for minimum of three days in a week. Pick out five different workouts and do three sets of 12 repetitions. This will increase metabolic rate, muscle mass, and reduce the weight.


Before you start on the grueling exercise routine, you need to consult with your physician. When you add the right changes in your diet and physical activity, you are sure to reach your weight loss goal successfully.

Best Hobbies for a Woman

Hobby is a way to spend our free time well and to express our creativity. It can connect us with friends, reduce anxiety stress and improve our memory. If you are in a hobby that requires physical activity, hobby may well affect on your health. Men and women are not of the same caliber, and generally do not have the same interests. While it is permissible for women to deal with a hobby that is characterized as "male hobby", in this article  we will deal with hobbies designed for a typical woman. If you want to express your creativity and let your imagination run free, you can select one of the following hobbies for a woman:

  1. Knitting and sewing. A little wool, needles and a little patience and you can make a scarf, hat, beautiful tunic or sweater. On the Internet are now available tips on knitting, and knitting workshops getting more popularity. Knitting is a relaxing hobby, and when you feel nervous, it is better to reach for knitting needles than for sedation. Sewing requires investment in the machine, although you can sew manually for the beginning. All this skills can be learned through experience, and the results of this hobby are unique pieces that have a practical value. When you develop your skills of sewing and knitting, tailor them well with imagination, and you can become a good fashion designer.

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Beautifying the Boring

Part of the reason I wanted to become a fashion designer was to make beautiful things people would enjoy looking at. I think that’s something a lot of designers try to do, with mixed results. Some projects just aren’t worth the time and effort it would take to complete, however. That or at least they seem like they wouldn’t be worth said time and effort. More than a few times, I’ve thought about dressing up one of those faceless training dummies martial artists use when practicing moves. I know, I know, it’s really out there; but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it would be fun to do.

Well just think about it from my perspective, for a bit. Those dummies are blank canvasses to work with. They’re expressionless, there’s nothing there at all! They’re just begging for someone to put a face on them if you know what I’m saying. I mean, look at these things. They’re actually kind of scary if you ask me. At least those big, ugly, orange dummies I remember from back in my high school days had faces on them, even if they did look pretty mean. Looking at these grappling dummies, there’s not much to be done to improve them either.

You can’t really give a manicure or a pedicure to something that has no fingers or toes. These dummies don’t even have hands and feet really; their limbs just kind of round off and end, making them look kind of like amputees. They don’t have faces either, but at least their heads vaguely resemble the size and shape of an actual head. As a designer, I’m always looking at things from different angles and perspectives, trying to catch any little glimpse I might be missing, or to capture a view I didn’t know was there. Even these dummies can be interesting, depending on how you look at them.

Looking at and thinking about these combat dummies got me thinking about other boring, featureless things that could stand to be beautified as well. I do clothing, not architecture, but I don’t think I need a degree to tell you modern construction looks so boring and lifeless that all the lofts, office buildings, condos and other structures going up kind of look the same to me. I don’t even attribute that to my critical eye for finding was to make things look better; that’s just a casual observation I’m sure a lot of other people share.


Getting to the point of it all, beautifying the boring is not something which is always easily accomplished. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint, bright colors and unique patterns will be enough to take something morose and make it interesting. There are some times where the subject just can’t be saved or made to look better though, like is the case with these silly dummies. They’re just so ugly, there’s not any saving them. I’m sure they serve their purpose well enough, but they just don’t have any aesthetic value.

A Familiar Feeling

I think there are some things, some feelings, which only come to gamers, or those who enjoy playing video games. Recently, I experienced a feeling I think lots of other gamers have felt before, but which I really can’t remember feeling in the past. I saw something in a favorite game of mine that I just simply had to have, here in the real world. I knew I couldn’t get an exact reproduction, because it was a unique piece that was hand-crafted by someone else playing the same game as me. But I started searching for a suitable facsimile soon after I saw the startling item, which was a piano.

Now because it was no Steinway, Bechstein or Baldwin, I couldn’t just go find the same thing at a store somewhere and buy it. I knew that. Next, because it would take an exorbitant amount of money to get one of these high-end piano makers to come up with the custom design I wanted, I knew I wasn’t going to be getting my hands on it anyhow. That’s the real familiar feeling here – forget what I said before about seeing something and wanting it. What I think we can all really identify with is wanting something and not being able to have it.

If I just wanted some junky digital piano, I would have gone to a website like for a guide to buying digital pianos. A little reading, a little research and I’d be on my way to making an informed purchase. But because the piano I really wanted was pretty much impossible to get, none of this mattered. No amount of reading or research would help me get closer to it. There’s an acute degree of hopeless about wanting something and knowing you can never have it; it’s a positively dreadful feeling.

In the end, I did settle on getting a digital piano. It’s been a long time since I played an instrument and the urge to get my hands on one was too great to ignore, even if it isn’t the one I wanted after all. I did end up going to that piano website too, to check out their ultimate buying guide, the one I mentioned previously. Well, that and a few other guides. And customer reviews. There’s so much information available to shoppers now that it can take days or even weeks to read enough before you feel ready to buy something. I know I’m not the only one that happens to.

I went with something from Yamaha, but let me tell you that digital pianos are not cheap these days. After looking through their website I found several items called stage pianos that were selling for thousands of dollars each. They looked just like what I bought but, you know, with a price tag ten times as large. There’s another feeling I think a lot of people are familiar with – wondering why someone would possibly spend so much money on a particular item.