I’ve decided to participate in the Big Bad Blogger Challenge this week to try to bring some life back to this blog. I want to blog, but I seem to keep putting it on the back burner or thinking too much about whether or not something is worth sharing. It’s my blog, so I should just write what I want. You’d think that would be an easy thing to do, but I’m the girl that can make anything harder than it needs to be. It’s my special talent.

This challenge of posting at least once a day every day this week also comes with optional daily prompts. I might not use all of those, but I thought today’s prompt was interesting.

How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

In 1996, it wasn’t called blogging, but I did have an online journal that I updated 3-4 times a week. I’d just gotten married and moved across the country, and it was my way to document my life and share it with my friends and family. At first, I did it all manually by writing and formatting all my entries in notepad and then uploading to my own domain. The most tedious part was updating the previous entry each time I wrote a new entry to add the next button for the newest entry. After a while of that, I moved to a more automated system called Grey Matter, and from there I moved to the first version of Movable Type in late 2001. I loved Movable Type and became a much more active blogger at that point and made so many new friends, and that eventually led to a brief job as community support for another Six Apart product. Somewhere along the way though I fell into using WordPress, and that’s still my favorite one to use.

To bring this back to SL, I began this blog on August 8, 2007, which was about 6 months after first creating my SL account and about 2.5 months after my first time actually signing in to SL. For a lot of reasons, there was this gap of about 3 months between finally getting an SL account and then going in world, and since I tend to research the heck out of things, I spent a lot of that time finding SL blogs. I signed up for the education and networking aspects and then ended up staying for the fashion, socialization, and general exploring. When I created this blog, I thought it would be a hodgepodge of whatever was on my mind related to SL with a slant toward discovering new places and documenting them. I was right about the hodgepodge at least.

Even though this blog gets less use than it once did, I’ve met some people through this medium that I probably would have never met otherwise. Or if I had met them in another way, the interaction wouldn’t have been as deep without the meeting through our blogs first. Blogging gives me a place to talk about the places I see or the things on my mind, and I’ve spent some great moments in SL planning a post or setting up photographs to go with a post.

And just because I have a rule for myself that I like to include an image with every post, I thought I’d share a look at me around the time I wrote my first post here and what I look like today.

Brandy Rasmuson - Then and Now